Count to 10 from around the world

Count to 10 from around the world

Tales of Pockets

About Pockets

Pockets were created by Tony Orlando Little. All of his characteristics and the creativity that comes with it. Mr. Pockets is a new character for kids. That teaches kids good behavior practices and manners. Pockets love to make children laugh and have fun. He got his name by having lots of pockets. Even on his hat.

About Pockettes

Pockettes is a female version of Pockets. She goes around and help people. But, little that she knows that every time that she does a good deed. Music comes out of her pockets and she would start singing about happiness.
The Golden Gloves Club
You must put on your Golden Gloves with one finger at a time every day, Don’t tell anyone about your Golden Gloves. It’s your secret between you and your gloves. Try not to dirty your gloves by telling fibs and saying things that are not true.

To keep your Golden Gloves nice and clean and always be willing to share with others. Be respectful to one another. And use magic words all the time. Like please and thank you.

Every time you do that. You will make your parents very happy. Because you are showing good manners.

Maybe one day you will meet me “Pockets” in person. Then you can tell me all about it.

Join Golden Gloves Club

It is your responsibility to add value to your Golden Gloves. By continuing to treat other people like you want to be treated. Sometimes other people don’t know about the Golden Gloves. They can learn it by your example. Only you can see that your gloves are golden. That’s your secret! Join the Golden gloves club and tell me what nice things you did recently.
What Are Pockets? And What Are They Good For?

Pockets are good for storing things and carrying them for you, like your wallet or your cell phone. And then, when you need something, you can just reach inside your pocket and take it out. That’s something that can come in very handy! What does having pockets represent? Did you know that your brain is kind of like having pockets? Let me explain… When you learn something, it goes inside of your brain cells. They hold it for you and keep it safe. It stays in there until you need it. When you need it, you can pull the information out of the pockets in your brain. Having a brain means that your head is filled with pockets! It’s very clever, just like you.

Message From Tony O. Little

Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘being disrespectful’? Being disrespectful is when you hurt somebody’s feelings by calling them mean names, or not showing respect to all people. Putting down someone doesn’t make you a better person than them. Not only is it disrespectful to the other person, but it is also disrespectful to yourself. If you make fun of another person, call them names or treat them unfairly, you are being disrespectful. Pockets knows that you are bigger than that. He knows that you are better than that. When you hurt others with your words, you become a small person. A person so small that others cannot see you as a nice person anymore. You make other people scared to talk to you. So be respectful to yourself by not disrespecting others with bad words. Instead, you should use strong words like, “I am sorry,” or, “Please forgive me.” These words are sometimes hard to say, but they make the biggest difference. They can heal and help others all the time.

“At 15, Tony Orlando Little was taught how to listen to music and count the beats by a professional drummer, Henry E. Lee of Trumbull, CT., who played with Sam & Dave- whose hit songs were “Soul Man” and “Hold On I’m Coming”. They are still friends today. In high school is where Tony studied songwriting and more. Writing is his passion.”

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