Pockets meets Big foot

Once upon a time on a hot summer day, not a cloud in the sky, even birds refused to fly, and dogs weren’t chasing cats. Squirrels stayed put in their trees, not reaching for acorns. Pockets, our adventurous little friend, decided it was the perfect day for a morning adventure. With not many people around, […]

A Tale of Blessings and Giving

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled between rolling hills and babbling brooks, there lived a boy named Pockets. Pockets wasn’t called so because of the pockets in his clothes, but because he always had a pocketful of kindness, ready to share with anyone in need. One sunny morning, Pockets went on his […]

Pockets is getting ready for school

pockets reading books

One early morning, Mama Pockets went to Pockets’ room. “Pockets! O’ Pockets, it’s time to get up and get ready for school,” she exclaimed. “Pockets,” said, “Why so early?” Mama Pockets replied, “Because I have to make sure that you are there on time.” Pockets retorted, “I was on time one-day last week.” Mama Pockets […]

Pockets lost his best friend

Pablo and Pockets grew up together. They were the same age, went to the same school, and shared the same teacher for years. They were the best of friends. If you saw one of them, the other one was not too far away. They ran track and played football together. Lunchtime, they ate together and […]

The tales of the thousand hats

Once upon a time, in the charming town of Everland, there lived a remarkable young lady named Lily. Lily was known far and wide for a very special reason—her extraordinary ability to wear a thousand hats. Now, these weren’t ordinary hats; they were metaphorical hats that represented the various roles and responsibilities Lily juggled in […]

Pockets And The Gingerbread’s Man

One day Pockets decided to surprise his mother with her favorite thing that she likes to eat. She loves gingerbread and there’s something about it that makes her want to sing the muffin man song and it makes Pockets laugh out loud. Because she gets the song mixed up all the time. So Pockets starts […]

A Tale of Kindness, Curses, and True Friendship

Once upon a time in the enchanting town of Harmonyville, there lived a little boy named Pockets. Pockets was a kind and gentle soul, known for his generosity and warm heart. He earned his nickname because his pockets were always filled with little treasures he collected from the world around him. One day, Pockets received […]

Tina The Teasers

Tina The Teasers

Once upon a time, in the vibrant town of Meadowvale, there lived a spirited girl named Pockettes. She was known for her creativity and quirky fashion choices, and one day, she decided to showcase her unique pocket-themed outfit at the school’s show and tell. Pockettes believed in the power of her pockets, each serving as […]

The Laughter Carnival: Yami and Pockets’ Adventure

Once upon a time, in the charming town of Merrymeadows, there lived a cheerful and spirited girl named Yami. Despite facing the challenges of life, Yami found joy and purpose working at the town carnival. Her job was simple yet crucial – to make people laugh and smile. Every day, she would spread happiness, and […]

It’s hard to be humble By: Tony O. Little

Once upon a time, in a bustling town, there lived a young man named Steve. Steve had a bad habit of putting people down for no reason at all. He would often call them hurtful names, such as “Weasel.” It seemed like he couldn’t resist the urge to be unkind, especially when he thought others […]