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It’s hard to be humble By: Tony O. Little

Once upon a time, in a bustling town, there lived a young man named Steve. Steve had a bad habit of putting people down for no reason at all. He would often call them hurtful names, such as “Weasel.” It seemed like he couldn’t resist the urge to be unkind, especially when he thought others needed attention.

One day, while Steve was in a rush, he was running across the street when he accidentally bumped into a lady. But instead of apologizing, he just laughed and rudely told her to get out of the way, calling her a “weasel.” He continued on his way, not realizing the impact of his actions.

Steve was headed to an important job interview and believed that being a bit late wasn’t a big deal. “At least I got here,” he said to himself, trying to justify his behavior.

However, what Steve didn’t know was that the very lady he had bumped into also entered the same building he was visiting. He continued to laugh at her without realizing their paths were about to cross again.

Inside the building, Steve signed in and waited for his turn. To his surprise, he was called into the same office where the lady he had been rude to was waiting. He was startled, and his eyes opened wide as he realized his mistake.

Quickly, he offered an apology, saying he had been in a rush. But the lady responded, “Save all that talk. Let’s get down to business.” With a stern yet understanding tone, she began to share a valuable lesson.

“You should never judge a book by its cover,” she said. “You never know what the other person is capable of doing, no matter their color, race, gender, size, or disability. We all have to respect each other.”

Steve felt a sense of guilt wash over him as he listened to the lady’s wise words. He realized that he had been unkind without any good reason and had let impatience get the best of him. Now, he was sitting in an interview with the very person he had been rude to.

The lady continued, “It’s important to remember that kindness and respect go a long way in life. We should treat everyone we meet with courtesy and fairness, no matter how different they may seem on the outside. People come from diverse backgrounds, and it’s what’s inside that truly matters.”

Steve nodded in agreement, understanding the importance of her message. He decided to change his behavior and show that he had learned from his mistake. As the interview progressed, Steve answered the lady’s questions with sincerity and professionalism, determined to make a positive impression.

The lady was impressed by Steve’s transformation and his willingness to learn from his past actions. She offered him the job opportunity, explaining that everyone deserves a second chance. Steve was grateful for the opportunity and promised to be a better person moving forward.

As he left the office, Steve realized that the encounter with the lady had taught him a valuable lesson about humility and the importance of treating others with respect. From that day on, he made it a point to be kind and considerate to everyone he met, regardless of their background or appearance.

And so, Steve’s journey to becoming a better person began, all thanks to the important lesson he learned from the lady he had once been unkind to.

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Pocket Stories

Pockets & Friends

Pockets & Friends

Pockets Teaches Behavior To The Kids

Hi, my name is Pockets! My mission is to help and teach kids the good value of life. I have a lot of pockets, even on my hat. Sometimes I forget to do something, and I write them down and put them in one of my pockets. Then I will forget what pocket I put the note in. So, I add another pocket to my clothes, but in a different color so that will help me to remember that I put it in that color pocket.