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It First Starts In The Home

Everyone has a foundation,
That’s the way of life.
A man falls in love with a woman
So he found himself a wife.

So they wanted to express their love,
To show exactly how they feel.
Fantasizing for a family,
Having a house on a hill.

With a swing set in the backyard,
And a swimming pool on the ground.
Love plays a strange game,
When reality is not around.

Then here comes a little boy,
He was the first one to arrive.
Wanting some attention from his father,
But, Dad seems to want to hide.

Seeking warmth from his mother,
When she’s always on the phone too!
Life is so important at that age,
Trying to find something to do.

Who does he turn to?
When there’s no clear path.
There’s nothing in the policy,
To show him how to do the math.

Things do change eventually,
Even a lack of respect.
Feeling that no one cares about you.
If they do, they haven’t yet!

They don’t ask, where are you going?
They don’t when you step out?
Why isn’t anyone able to teach you,
What’s this life’s all about?

As long as you won’t be in their way,
Life can be very sweet,
They say, that you got to be tough,
In order to survive in the streets.

Many times we watch the news,
To tell you what’s going on.
You hear about all the drama,
But, not the ones in your home.

We quickly ignore the little voices,
As we vape, smoke, or drink.
Life has plenty of choices,
But, we chose not to think.

We blame society and the drug dealers,
About the problem we have today.
They will always be there,
You got to learn how to stay away.

He comes home when he wants,
Even if it’s late at night.
He doesn’t even have a job,
I guess that’s alright?

You keep asking yourself,
As a parent, where did I go wrong?
How can we fix the problem?
It first starts in the home.

The end
By: Tony Orlando Little

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Pocket Stories

Pockets & Friends

Pockets & Friends

Pockets Teaches Behavior To The Kids

Hi, my name is Pockets! My mission is to help and teach kids the good value of life. I have a lot of pockets, even on my hat. Sometimes I forget to do something, and I write them down and put them in one of my pockets. Then I will forget what pocket I put the note in. So, I add another pocket to my clothes, but in a different color so that will help me to remember that I put it in that color pocket.